Celebrate FOREVER FC's debut with free, redeemable NFTs!
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Road To The Finals 2022 Swaps Tokens
Round of 16
12/3, 3 PM
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FOREVER FC's Debut Collection
Mint one token during each stage of the World's Largest Football Competition of 2022. As FOREVER FC continues to innovate and release new products, experiences, and games, you will have a unique opportunity to exchange these tokens for rewards, including trading card packs, customizations, and more.
Tokens come in two forms, Special and Normal. Upgrade to a Special token by meeting one of the following requirements:
  • Be one of the first 10% of wallets that mint during the stage (invite friends - more minters mean a higher chance of yours being upgraded)
  • Click here and tweet, then DM @JoinFOREVERFC with your Ethereum wallet address
  • Win a giveaway from us or from one of our collab partners